Tuesday Sep 07, 2021


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Such great insight!

Tuesday Apr 05, 2022

Rob, I so needed to hear a voice of reason! I actually attempted suicide because I can’t get my head around how Christians are behaving in all of this? How can I continue to love them. I barely go to church anymore! Thank you for helping me understand I’m not alone! I agree wholeheartedly with you!

Tuesday Apr 05, 2022

Rob your open mind in your religious Jesus based teachings changed my life.Your close mindedness in pods like this alienate me. Theres madness on both sides. Isn’t it interesting that the same people that burned and looted cities and barricaded police stations with police inside and set them on fire still doubt the 2016 election? Isn’t it interesting that more that doubt 2016 bailed those people out of jail?There is no science that backs Fauci.Ask Marin County. Please find a central view in this

Saturday Jan 08, 2022


Rob, they don‘t hate the government. They hate anyone but them and their baal having control of it.

Sunday Oct 17, 2021

Very insightful! Thank you!

Friday Sep 17, 2021


THIS! Thank you for this. You nailed it!

Saturday Sep 11, 2021


Look at only your OWN resentment. The key to healing is there....in the feelings felt.

Wednesday Sep 08, 2021


They never moved passed it...that's resentment. Left unchecked it grows and grows...at its core has an irrational core to it.. Spot on.

Wednesday Sep 08, 2021


The madness of crowds is alive and well. Thank you for the wisdom Rob Bell...I can't wait for you up here in Seattle. We love you man, so glad you're back on the stage. Nothing like it...

Wednesday Sep 08, 2021

I don't think you were listening closely. He didn't say what you think he said. Perhaps listen again? You'll see he mentions all the regular people who aren't in it for the money and is trying to remind us of the humanity that created, feeds, and runs the systems some folks are so against.

@sueboike :Not sure where to start here. Maybe how Jesus says over and over that money is the root of all evil. If you really think that all people in governmental service are there out of the goodness of their hearts. Then you need to research and follow the money.

Wednesday Sep 08, 2021

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